Speaking engagements

Is your group looking for a speaker? From book clubs to workshops, I love facilitating discussions about stories! I have over a decade of experience teaching English at the university level, and I would be thrilled for the chance to speak with your group. Depending on geographical area, I may be available in person or via Zoom.

Opportunities include:

book clubs


ls your book club discussing one of my books? Contact me, and I'd love to set up a date to answer your burning questions about the story!


Possible presentations include:

- Following God's call on your life... how to discern it and how to do it

- The interaction between beauty and the eternal

- Empowering women to find and follow their giftings

- Reader events

- So you want to be a writer... now what?



I'm also available to host writing and story-related workshops on a range of book-related topics, from breaking into publishing to finding your deeper story to developing your writing voice. 

*For queries about scheduling/fees, please feel free to contact me using the Contact link above.